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Classical Acupuncture

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"We are both medical doctors practicing traditional -Classical Five Element acupuncture.  We integrate this ancient system of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion with our knowledge of conventional medicine and western medical acupuncture."

"When you are having physical or emotional health problems, we draw on our unique blend of experience to help you. We hope we answer your questions about traditional acupuncture and what happens when you come to us for a consultation and treatment. If we have not, please feel free to speak to us.  We are very happy to discuss any aspect of your health. From having worked within and outside of the NHS, together we have over 72 years of experience."

"In Malvern and the surrounding areas, our medical colleagues and the local community recognise us as dual qualified acupuncture practitioners, who know when traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment can be of benefit in its own right and when it can also be used along side the work of conventional medicine.  We also mentor, supervise and lecture other acupuncturists. We are co-founders and joint directors of the Beacon Clinic and are members of the the General Medical Council and the British Medical Acupuncture Society."

"Whilst our background in medicine influences our approach to running a modern acupuncture clinic, we are in no way a substitute for the expertise of your general practitioner."

"There is so much more that ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture can do to help not just for your mind and body  but also for your spirit and well being."

"We have chosen this way of offering health care."

Drs Allbright's acupuncture practice is based at the Beacon Clinic, Malvern, (WR14 2TA) centered between Worcestershire and Herefordshire.  It has comfortable professional facilities all on the ground floor. This Malvern acupuncture centre is very accessible by train or bus or road and public parking is available close by. For details of how to find them go to 'Where we practice'.  

"We hope you enjoy this website as much as we have had in creating it ourselves and that it answers some of your questions on acupuncture. If not we would really appreciate your constructive feedback."

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Ailments and conditions The British Acupuncture Council have produced 'Research fact sheets’ for varous health issues.

Comments about Dr Martin Allbright from a GMC Confidential survey.

Drs Martin & Sue Allbright offering

Mentoring & Supervision for acupuncturists.

Ailments and Conditions

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“People are increasingly recognising the immediate and ongoing quality of care that 'Classical five element acupuncture' provides in its holistic approach to well being.  For most health issues, acupuncture can offer some help for the majority of people. And this we do across Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and into parts of the West Midlands.”


The Worcestershire Beacon on the Malvern Hills overlooking the three counties at sunset.

Road sign pointing to the Beacon Clinic in Portland Road.

“We have been interested to find out where our clients have come from over the last 30 years of practicing acupuncture. Obviously apart from Malvern, Worcester and Upton upon Severn, they have come from Ledbury, Bromyard, Tewkesbury, Pershore, Inkberrow, and Birmingham.  Interestingly we also discovered that there are a large number who come to us from Droitwich, Bewdley, Stourport on Severn and Bromsgrove, where they say they met us many years ago when we worked at the Kidderminster General and the old Worcester Hospitals.”

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Ground floor wheelchair friendly


Herefordshire - Worcestershire Acupuncture Mentoring and Supervision

“Here are just a few of the areas we may use to help you:-

  1. Your own support systems. If we cannot care and look after ourselves our own energy imbalances may impede our ability to help our clients.
  2. Confidentiality, unless this is firmly established, trust and rapport cannot take place and with it the ability to facilitate a clients own deepest healing.
  3. Aspects of the client / acupuncturist relationship, such as how practitioners and clients can get locked into victim, rescuer and persecutor behaviours.
  4. Contracts and boundaries, some form of flexible structure is necessary to help people on their road to health.
  5. Time and money management, being aware of where our energy, money and time is going and how to help facilitate change.
  6. Prevention of burnout.

For more information on this professional aspect of being an acupuncturist please click this link.

"We both provide Mentoring and Supervision for practitioners of acupuncture in Worcestershire and the surrounding areas either individually or in groups. We have both worked and continue to work with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades on a regular basis."

“Mentoring and Supervision enables you as a practitioner to gain a broader and deeper experience of yourself and this helps you become a more effective person.

It enables a growing sense of professional self-esteem, and allows you to reconnect with the excitement and joy of being an acupuncturist.”

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Client comments about Dr Martin Allbright from a 'General Medical Council revalidation Confidential Patient Questionnaire'

carried out  January 2013.

‘I am extremely grateful to Dr Allbright and the clinic and have great faith in acupuncture and have been cured of the problem already and well on the way with another’.

‘Dr Martin Allbright is one of the most excellent and professional doctors you could ever hope to see. He makes a real difference.’

‘I am incredibly grateful that he can get to the bottom of a problem and cure it, doing it logically, ie starting with the spine, when it was a calf problem. I had so much other help concentrating on the calf which made it greatly worse such as physio. and chiro. I think acupuncture is wonderful and especially this doctor and practice.’

‘My first port of call for health concerns and wellness support.’

‘I would recommend this doctor to anyone that I thought might benefit from acupuncture.’

‘Over the years, the level of care and attention I have received from Dr Martin Allbright has been of extremely high standard, providing and invaluable treatment in both acupuncture and sound’.

‘Both Sue and Martin provide excellent care’.         ‘At times Dr Allbright has felt like a lifeline’.

‘Height of professionalism’.         ‘Excellent practitioner’.

‘Dr M. Allbright has the ability to convey both a professional and caring approach. He is able to ‘put at ease’ with the use of appropriate humour.’

‘Excellent, treatment and support and care’.        ‘Very helpful and understanding’.

‘Only sees me when he feels it is necessary. Always keen to find alternative ways of helping, this includes seeing other practitioners. Totally concerned about my well being.’

‘I have every confidence in Martin with relation to all aspects of treatment and his approach and attitude. Would definitely recommend him to friends.’

‘I am very fortunate to have been recommended to Dr Allbright, I have found my treatment to have been of great benefit’.

‘The doctor made me feel relaxed and at ease.’

‘Very grateful to have made contact with Dr Allbright and benefit from his expertise’.

‘An excellent, caring, competent doctor. I could not have wished for better’.


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Allergic rhinitis
Colds and flu
Bells palsy







Substance misuse








Tennis elbow








Female fertility

Male infertility

Infertility & ART





Premenstrual syndrome


Menopausal symptoms

Urinary incontinence



Eczema and Psoriasis


Herpes Zoster (Shingles)

Colds and Flu

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cancer Care


Post Operative Pain

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus








Please feel free to telephone either Sue or Martin and we will listen and advise you about your situation.

Please be aware when contacting us we will probably be treating clients and so we may not be able to speak to you straight away.

01684-893393 (Beacon Clinic)


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders COPD

Nausea and Vomiting

Irritable Bowel Disorders IBS

Gastrointestinal tract disorders

There are many ways in which acupuncture can help a person not just physically but also in your mind emotions and spirit.

Below are just a few of  the 'conditions'  in which the British Acupuncture Council have compiled research. Clicking on any of the labels will take you to the relevant page of  research on the British Acupuncture section of their website.

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View Survey  Results of the confidential questionnaire re Dr Martin Allbright