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Client comments


Question 12 offered clients the opportunity to answer an open question, 'Please add any other comments you want to make about this doctor.'  Here are the comments made with complete anonymity, (there were no negative comments.)

'I am confident to recommend him to others.

I was recommended this acupuncturist by my retiring acupuncturist as ‘one of the best in the UK’. I find this doctor completely professional.

Competent, caring and hope he never retires!!!

I feel that Dr Allbright’ s treatment of me has been very effective in addressing and managing my symptoms of stress

Dr Martin Allbright is without doubt the best acupuncturist I have worked with.

Given that I came to Martin Allbright after my GP’s had massively failed in any way to help me with chronic depression, I feel it is solely down to his excellent treatment that for the first time in years I am able to function normally. He was the only practitioner who helped me get to the sources of my problems and deal with them. I cannot rate his professional skills highly enough.

I am impressed with his in-depth knowledge and his enthusiasm for continuing research.

Outstanding doctor both in knowledge and professional approach.

I have been seeing Dr Allbright for acupuncture treatment for several years. The treatment has significantly alleviated the symptoms of IBS that I have. I have the utmost confidence in the competence and professionalism of Dr Allbright as a medical practitioner.

I am very grateful for all Dr Martin’s expertise, care and understanding during these difficult years.

Dr Allbright provides an exemplary service.

Very professional and an excellent practitioner in acupuncture.

I am fully confident in the doctor’s ability to assessing my needs and give appropriate treatment.

Martin is an excellent doctor and acupuncturist. He is professional, kind and caring and always has my health and wellbeing as a priority.

Would not hesitate to recommend Martin, he has been excellent as my acupuncture doctor.

Dr Allbright is a highly skilled clinician whose advice and treatment have been highly effective and exemplary.

Professional, competent and for me excellent results.

Such doctors are our only hope of intuitive healing, NHS has seriously lost its way.

Over the years the treatment I have received has been very successful; in particular, ithas been transforming where my asthma is concerned.

Excellent in every respect.

Excellent care. He is constantly working to increase his already extensive knowledge.

I always feel better after a treatment with Dr Allbright. I have recommended him to other people who have never received acupuncture.

I have known this doctor for nearly 30 years and he has kept me going renewing my energies and helping with my emotional problems so that I can function properly.

I regard this Dr with complete trust and would recommend him to any of my friends, extremely professional.

I first visited seeing Dr Martin Allbright in 2004. Since then I have returned as the occasion demanded. Dr Martin Allbright demonstrates great empathy and understanding. He is highly professional and a highly skilled acupuncture practitioner.

Shows great empathy and understanding I feel listened to and understood which is very important to me.

A far preferable source of advice, care and treatment, which I have found very beneficial for many years.

After a serious injury there has been a marked improvement in my health and quality of living.

I trust this doctor implicitly and because I have been seeing him for approximately 22 years this helps the relevant treatment.

I have complete trust in Dr Allbright, that his care and treatment given is always consistent professional and what is needed at the time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr M Allbright to anybody.

Martin is very approachable and always professional.

I have known him for a very long time and have always felt very happy with the care and treatment I have received.

Fabulous! A marvellous healer of mind body and soul!

My doctor always remains very focussed on me during the time we have together.

I have been consulting this doctor for almost 10 years. In my opinion, he has had a major impact on my continued health.

Dr M. Allbright is very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions relating to treatment and outcome.

Excellent doctor.

Both the treatment and the opportunity to discuss my concerns have been of immense benefit to both my physical and mental wellbeing over the past few years and have enabled me to cope with an on-going health concern.

Aware of constant effort of the doctor to update clinical practice.

There is always a sense of well-being after an acupuncture session with Dr Martin Allbright. His expertise is clearly evident in his practice and his intelligent and interesting discussion are always an additional treat too!

You can talk to him and with his GP ‘hat’ on he can apply acupuncture to any problem.

His advice is invaluable.

The above information was collated from a survey carried out during 3 continous weeks of October 2018. 95 forms were handed out to 95 different clients with stamped addressed envelopes. 74 were returned.

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Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this site is accurate. It is not the intention to mislead or misinform anyone.

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