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Biog. “My path into medicine started at St Bartholomew’s Medical College, London, where I qualified in 1981. I then gained subsequent positions and qualifications in emergency medicine, intensive care, anaesthetics, paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology, and general practice.

I began my classical acupuncture training in 1982 with Prof. Jack Worsley at the College of Traditional Acupuncture. After eleven years of study and practice I was awarded the title 'Acupuncture Master', however I continued to apprentice with him for another 8 years in this country and abroad. I am member of the General Medical Council and also a fully accredited member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society. Now even after over thirty years of being involved with studying, practicing  and teaching acupuncture I realise all the more, there is still so much to learn. Classical Acupuncture is not something to learn over a couple of weekends. It is a life time of study and even today I still feel humbled and amazed in observing the physiological processes in restoring a person's natural capacity.

In my early career I travelled around the country working in a variety medical positions until I left the NHS in 1988. It was then that I decided to return home to my ancestral roots of Malvern, where I initially set up the Clinic of Classical Acupuncture. During this time my wife observed the way people got better,  such that she chose to retrain as a Classical Acupuncturist and then together in 2003, we moved our growing practices into the centre of Great Malvern to establish the Beacon Clinic, now a centre for integrated medicine. Then after raising my family I returned to university in 2012 to commence an MSc in Western Medical Acupuncture.

Along with running the clinic and my practice, I prioritise having regular individual one on one mentoring, supervision sessions, update myself in conventional medicine, the latest scientific research of acupuncture / moxibustion and trainings to develop my classical acupuncture skills.

My journey has also involved me being a director of training and lecturer at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, a medical advisor to both the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board and British Acupuncture Council, and a guest lecturer at several universities and colleges. Sue and I run a local acupuncture support group. I am at present making preparations to teach the art of classical acupuncture and its many associated skills on to the next generation.

It is not all work, I love walking on the Malvern Hills every day with my dog, I enjoy singing. I began learning karate and aikido when I was 20 and various other martial arts however I am now a retired taekwondo instructor (2nd degree black belt) and for the last few years I have been practicing the gentler art of Tai Chi (Yang style).

Sue and I have three daughters Kate, Bethaney and Sophie.

Practice Hours

Mon. 11am - 1pm  2 - 6pm

Tue.  11am - 1pm  2 - 6pm

Wed. 11am - 1pm  2 - 6pm

Thu.  11am - 1pm  2 - 6pm

Fri.    Not available

About Dr Martin Allbright

Personal Testimonials

“Martin, As I embark on my new adventure, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all your magic and part in getting my ‘twinkle’ back. I really appreciate it and I’ve learnt some lessons!" HS Cheltenham

"Martin I’d like you to know that I feel I am indebted to you. You helped me be where I am now, both physically and psychologically with your needles and sound magic, your empathy, your kindness, your friendliness. Thank you! You are an outstanding magic healer!" ET Malvern

Martin's reply to the above

"Any healing, restoring of health, call it what you like, arises from inside each person.

Acupuncture, tuning forks, moxa, or sound, are all tools or methods which facilitate helping restore a person's own natural capacity back to normal.

The 'magical' homeostatic mechansims lie in each individual person and not the doctor / practitioner / therapist."

Dr Martin Allbright ,10th February 2012

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Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this site is accurate. It is not the intention to mislead or misinform anyone.

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Medical Educator

Mentor - Supervisor

Dr Martin Allbright

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DATED Dec 2016

'Emma' up on the Malvern Hills

'Emma' on the Malvern Hills - Worcestershire Beacon

 In the musical 'South Pacific' playing Emile de Beck,

Malvern Theatre 2007 Malvern Light Opera Society



MSc Western Medical Acupuncture (distinction) 2014

Present  professional development - Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine with the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine 2018

Medical Advisor to the British Acupuncture Council since 2000 to present.

Diploma Medical Acupuncture DipMedAc 2013

Certificate of training for General Practice 1988

Diploma Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists DRCOG 1986

Diploma in Anaesthetics DA 1983

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery MBBS (London) 1981


Master of Health and Medical Education MHMEd (distinction) 2017

Present professional development - with the Association for Video Interactive Guidance to become a stage 1 certified Video Enhanced Reflective Practitioner (VERP) 2018

Certified Advanced teacher of Classical Five Element Acupuncture by Prof. JR Worsley (1999)

Mentor Supervision in Acupuncture Certificate (2004)

Previous positions

Medical Advisor to the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board

Director of Education and lecturer at College of Traditional Acupuncture

Guest lecturer at:- Worcester University and School of Five Element Acupuncture.

Positions and Training

Complementary Medicine

Acupuncture Master AcM  (CTA) 1993

Master Apprentice Programme (MAP) with Prof. JR Worsley 1997-2003

Bachelor of Acupuncture BAc (CTA) 1989

Licentiate in Acupuncture Lic Ac (College of Traditional Acupuncture. CTA) 1986

Certificate in Sound Healing (College of Sound Healing) 2012

Certificate in Focussing (College of Integrated Chinese Medicine) 2013

Founder and Medical Director of Beacon Clinic 2003 to present.

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College of Traditional Acupuncture award ceremony.

Acupuncture Master Award 1993 with my wife Sue, Prof. JR Worsley and Dr Judy Becker-Worsley.

'If only I had known Harry Potter was going to copy my glasses'!!!


College of Traditional Acupuncture (CTA) award ceremony. Bachelor of Acupuncture 1989

Where are they now?

From left to right.

Front row. Nora Franglen (Started School of Five Element Acupuncture (SOFEA), Tony Miles, Amanda Thurston (Helped start SOFEA) Prof. JR Worsley and Dr Judy Becker-Worsley, Geraldine Plummer, Jane ?? and sproglet.

Middle row. Karen Hammer, Sue Pready, Diane Summer, Anna Paris (CTA tutor), Magda Koc (Tutor at College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM), Deidre Burton (tutor at CTA now Energy Balancer extraordinnaire).

Back row. Martin Allbright (with better glasses), Simon Chesney (Osteopath), Rosi Roper (Tutor at CTA), Allan Johnstone, Barbara Lockie, Eric ?Ruberyol.


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Master Apprentice Programme 1998 Orignal MAP group and founding members of the Worsley Institute

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Dr Shaun Pike, giving a talk on the benfits of referring people for complementary medicine at the Beacon Clinic

October 2010

Accredited Member No. 04913 British Medical Acupuncture Society BHMA British Holistic  Medical  Association WORSLEY INSTITUTE THE SOCIETY FOR ACUPUNCTURE RESEARCH Member No. 02710921 Licence not needed to practice Acupuncture. Relinquished  Licence 2016 GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL

General Medical Council

British Holistic Medical Association

British Medical Acupuncture Society

Society for Acupuncture Research

Worsley Institute (Founder & Life Member)

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MBBS,  DA,  DRCOG,  LicAc,  BAc,  DipMedAc,  MHMEd,  MSc,  AcM

Sue, Martin and ? on left..... Hilary and her late husband Terry Skellon o right, CTA Graduation ceremony  around late 1980's

College of Traditional Acupuncture  Prof. JR Worsley, team and staff. Late 1980's

Can you name them and where are they now?