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If you’d like to discuss any aspect of confidentiality, please bring it up during a treatment or consultation we are very happy to  explore how we may need to look after your confidentiality needs further. For example if you are another health practitioner and you do not want to see any of your own patients, we can take this into account when booking your appointments.

In simple terms

1. Whatever you choose to share with either of us stays entirely with that doctor. If we have a concern about your health situation and we feel that there would be benefit for you in discussing your health matter with another practitioner we will ask you for your permission to do so, explaining our reasoning. However we will totally respect your decision either way.

2. Frequently we get asked by other patients ‘Have you heard, or How is such and such going on, or Have you seen Mr/Mrs X recently?’ Even to admit that we are seeing another person is a breach of confidentiality. We do not reply or engage in the questioning. When it happens we both of us point out the issue of maintaining confidentiality to the person, reflecting back to them, that if another person asked about themselves, we also would not reply to their questioning no matter how well meaning and caring the intent was behind the questioning.

3. Socially. If we see a person who we are treating in public we will greet you. If you choose to bring up the fact publicly about your health and that you are receiving acupuncture from one of us it is not appropriate to discuss your health situation in that setting.

4. We both undertake regular professional supervision (separately from each other) as part of our good medical practice and there may be some occasions when we need to discuss your case, however, during these discussions you are not identified by name or place. Also our fellow professional supervisors are bound by the same strict confidentiality rules.

5. The only notes we record about you are your written medical records and nothing is stored on any data base about you or your condition.

6. We are required to carry out annual medical audit and during this process to maintain confidentiality and audit process the people we treat are only identifiable by their initials.

Exemptions. These are standard for all confidentiality policies in health care where if we have good reason to believe that you may be a danger to yourself or to other people we have a duty of care to contact other professionals that overrides both this confidentiality policy and your permission.

For more specific details please go to GMC - Confidentiality

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided in this site is accurate. It is not the intention to mislead or misinform anyone.

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As medical practitioners we are required by our professional body, the General Medical Council, to maintain complete confidentiality about every aspect of the people we treat. The trust and confidence you have in us as your practitioner is paramount to both us.