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Acupuncture Consultation (allow up to two hours) £110

(During the consultation period it may be possible to carry out an acupuncture treatment however it may also become apparent that an acupuncture treatment may not always be possible in that time frame.)

Acupuncture treatment                                      £60

(Longer sessions or reduced fees are applicable in some situations by individual arrangement)

Returning Client after a gap of six months                   £80

Practice hours

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Dr Martin Allbright

Acupuncture Consultation (allow up to two hours) £110.00

Acupuncture treatment                                      £60

(Longer sessions by individual arrangement)

Practice hours


Practice hours

Cancellation policy

If you are unable to keep an appointment please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee may be charged

Dr Sue Allbright  

Drs Allbrights arrangement with insurers is that you have to check first to see if you are covered for acupuncture and if so to obtain a confirmation code. You then pay them directly and receipts are issued for you to claim your expenses directly back from your insurer.

Link to BUPA's own acupuncture fact sheet..

Payment  method: Cheque or Cash

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If you have a medical health insurance policy, you may want to check with your insurers before you commence any acupuncture treatment.


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