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Client comments 2013

Dr Martin Allbright

Question 12 offered clients the opportunity to answer an open question, 'Please add any other comments you want to make about this doctor.'  Here are a selection of those comments made with complete anonymity, (there were no negative comments.)

‘I am extremely grateful to Dr Allbright and the clinic and have great faith in accupuncture and have been cured of the problem already and well on the way with another’.

‘Dr Martin Allbright is one of the most excellent and professional doctors you could ever hope to see. He makes a real difference.’

‘I am incredibly grateful that he can get to the bottom of a problem and cure it, doing it logically, ie starting with the spine, when it was a calf problem. I had so much other help concentrating on the calf which made it greatly worse such as physio. and chiro. I think acupuncture is wonderful and especially this doctor and practice.’

‘My first port of call for health concerns and wellness support.’

‘I would recommend this doctor to anyone that I thought might benefit from acupuncture.’

‘Over the years, the level of care and attention I have received from Dr Martin Allbright has been of extremely high standard, providing and invaluable treatment in both acupuncture and sound’.

‘Both Sue and Martin provide excellent care’.

‘At times Dr Allbright has felt like a lifeline’.

‘Height of professionalism’.

‘Excellent practitioner’.

‘Dr M. Allbright has the ability to convey both a professional and caring approach. He is able to ‘put at ease’ with the use of appropriate humour.’

‘Excellent, treatment and support and care’.

‘Very helpful and understanding’.

‘Only sees me when he feels it is necessary. Always keen to find alternative ways of helping, this includes seeing other practitioners. Totally concerned about my well being.’

‘I have every confidence in Martin with relation to all aspects of treatment and his approach and attitude. Would definitely recommend him to friends.’

‘I am very fortunate to have been recommended to Dr Allbright, I have found my treatment to have been of great benefit’.

‘The doctor made me feel relaxed and at ease.’

‘Very grateful to have made contact with Dr Allbright and benefit from his expertise’.

‘An excellent, caring, competent doctor. I could not have wished for better’.

The above information was collated from a patient survey carried out during 2 continous weeks of January 2013. 65 forms were handed out to 65 different clients with stamped addressed envelopes. 61 were returned.

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