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We would like to share with you our personal view, beliefs and approach about the research that is presented on these pages.

We both value the research of modern science and the many developments that have been discovered.

We also value the depth of wisdom and knowledge of traditional and classical five element acupuncture, which integrates the many aspects of body and mind.

We acknowledge the information gained from research, and we endevaour to use it where appropriate when meeting the needs of an individual who is suffering in health.

We hope later to share more information on the five elements of acupuncture.


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Interleukin (IL) –10

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Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is an important anti-inflammatory cytokine (1,2).

Interleukin 10 displays both immunosuppressive and immunostimulating activities (3).

Interleukin 10 is a cytokine which is stimulatory towards certain T cells (Th2) and mast cells. It also stimulates B cell maturation and antibody production. It has been shown that acupuncture reduces the serum concentration of IL-10 which appears to be correlated to a clinical reduction of symptoms of allergic diseases / allergic rhinitis (4).

It as been shown that electroacupuncture at 2Hz applied (to Neiguan, Zhigou, Houxi and Hegu acupuncture points) during surgery with anaesthesia for pneumonectomy may reduce the stress of the procedure. It was observed that there were lower levels of serum IL-10 (and IL-4) 24 hours after surgery along with lower VAS pain scores (5).

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See also (2017) Immune Modulation and Treatment of Human Papilloma Virus-Related Warts